Python for Scientific Computing

Mr Daniel Collins1

1CSIRO, Bentley, Australia


The Scientific Programming Using Python workshops aim to provide a broad overview of the role of Python in Scientific Computing. In addition to presentations, case-studies, and discussion, participants will work through hands-on modules covering a range of topics and scientific domains. While some modules will assume little to no Python experience, others require previous experience such as the Python for Scientists 3 day course or equivalent. Module topics include:

  • Introduction to Python programming
  • Object-oriented programming in Python
  • Performance Optimisation 1 – Monte Carlo simulation of π
  • Performance Optimisation 2 – Mandelbrot set generation
  • Parameter estimation with SciPy
  • Symbolic Math
  • Advanced features of Jupyter Notebooks
  • Using HDF for structured data


Having worked in the computer games industry for over a decade, Daniel joined CSIRO in 2010. He has been part of the Scientific Computing Applications team since 2012. He has lost count of the number of programming languages he has learned and forgotten, but Python remains as a personal favourite for its clarity and expressiveness.


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