Workspace in an Industry 4.0 Environment

Damien Watkins1

1CSIRO, Clayton, Australia


Workspace is a cross-platform, domain agnostic scientific workflow and application development platform. Developed by CSIRO and in use for over 10 years, Workspace aims to shorten the path from research to impact.

Workspace is currently a key component of a number of research projects looking into manufacturing process automation. This presentation describes key insights from this work, demonstrating how Workspace can be used to maximise both software reuse and setup flexibility in an industry 4.0 setting.


Dr Damien Watkins is the Research Team Lead for the Computational Software Engineering and Visualisation Team at CSIRO/ Data61. His team is responsible for the development of 1) Workspace, a scientific workflow platform used on projects across CSIRO as well as outside CSIRO, 2) a number of Workspace-based applications and 3) the Software Product Platform (SPP). Workspace provides a framework that allows researchers to focus on their science, to develop robust and sustainable software and to accelerate software development timeframes with a faster path to market for their commercialisation. The SPP is a suite of higher level, re-usable Workspace based components for performing key functions (e.g. meshing, visualisation, licensing, etc.) whose availability can provide a second level of cost savings and commercialisation acceleration. Workspace has been available for external usage since 2014.


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