Visualising the Australian open data and research data landscape

Dr Jonathan Yu1

1Csiro , Clayton , Australia


Australia ranks currently ranks highly according to measures of existing Open Data indices. However, those measures tend to be qualitative and focus on open government data initiatives. They also generally exclude research data. With the increasing amounts of data being published online – through the various government and research initiative – a challenge has been understanding the current state of the data landscape in Australia, such as how much data is available, how varied are they, are they interoperable, and which data is being used where, until recently.

As part of the OzNome initiative, we have developed the CSIRO Knowledge Network (KN) platform (, which provides a gateway to data being published via range of open data initiatives in Australia. KN harvests and indexes known data records from multiple data repositories in government and research. This provides opportunities for performing a data-driven quantitative survey of the data landscape in Australia and enables us to analyse and report on current state. We believe this is a first in Australia and globally. By understanding current state of the data landscape, it allows greater data-driven insight and understanding of trends and gaps in data initiatives in general over time.

In this presentation, we focus on the data-driven visualisation components of the survey – specifically on the way we present facets on volume, variety and velocity. We discuss our visualisation design and challenges. We discuss potential opportunities for an ongoing state of data reporting and future work in the visualisation design and reporting.


Dr Jonathan Yu is a data scientist researching information and web architectures, data integration, Linked Data, data analytics and visualisation and applies his work in the environmental and earth sciences domain. He is part of the Environmental Informatics group in CSIRO Land and Water. He currently leads a number of initiatives to develop new approaches, architectures, methods and tools for transforming and connecting information flows across the environmental domain and the broader digital economy within Australia and internationally.


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