C3DIS 2018 – Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations will be displayed for the duration of the conference in the poster display area in A0 size, portrait orientation.

A poster session will be hosted in the poster display area following the close of conference sessions on Tuesday 29 May.

To have your poster displayed in the Conference App, upload a high resolution PDF version of your poster to the following DropBox link prior to Friday 18 May 2018.

Please use the tips and Guidelines below to prepare your display poster.

When providing a copy of your poster for the App and website, ensure your submission is in PDF format and named with the conference name, and the last and first name of the first (submitting) author: C3DIS2018_Lastname_Firstname

PDF of Display Posters Due: COB Friday 18 May 2018

Poster # Title Presenter
1. Fast time series analysis of wave hindcast data Poster PDF Mr Robert Davy
2. Indices of variability and their links to Australian rainfall in climate forecasts Poster PDF Dr Ian Watterson
3. Massively parallel quantum scale simulations of biological systems Dr Deidre M. Cleland
4. Clustering of Electricity Customers based on Load Characteristics Poster PDF Dr Omid R.E. Motlagh
5. A cloud-based Well Log Database Prototype Poster PDF Dr Christopher Dyt
6. Workspace: A software platform for unleashing intellectual property Poster PDF Mr Lachlan Hetherton
7. Mauritius Ocean Observatory platform for Marine Spatial Planning Poster PDF Mr Erin Kenna
8. Quantum Computing Algorithms. Possibilities and Limitations of Emulation Software and On-line Platforms Dr Fanel Donea
9. Coal Grain Analysis: Managing, Visualising, and Understanding Data for Coal Characterisation Poster PDF Mr Paul McPhee
10. Deep Regressor Chain: An Approach for Predicting Long Term Water Quality Change Poster PDF Dr Yifan Zhang
11. ASKAP’s End-to-end Science Pipelines – Producing Science-ready Data Products with the High-Performance ASKAPsoft Processing Pipelines Poster PDF Dr Matthew Whiting
12. Insight into Geological Processes in Deep Time: Exploratory Multivariate Analysis of Geochemical Datasets Poster PDF Mr Morgan Williams
13. The CSIRO Data Access Portal: 1 PB and beyond Katie Hannan
14. Towards Development of Automated Diagnostic Tools for Pneumoconiosis Detection from Chest Radiographs Ms Yulia Arzhaeva
15. Using the CSIRO Data Access Portal API Dominic Hogan, David Benn, Lawrence Toomey
16. A robot rolls into a classroom … Poster PDF Christopher Watkins
17. Transforming Research Code to A Modern Web Architecture: Pipetools Poster PDF Kieran Lomas, Paulus Lahur

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