The CSIRO Data Access Portal: 1 PB and beyond

Katie Hannan1

1CSIRO, Clayton, Australia


The CSIRO Data Access Portal (DAP) provides access to data collections published by CSIRO across a wide range of research domains. The DAP was publicly released in 2011 and storage growth rose from an average of 18 GB a week during Sept 2012-Feb 2013, to an average of 8 TB a week during Sept 2017-Feb 2018.

During the first week of March 2018 the DAP passed the 1 Petabyte (PB) mark. This significant milestone means that 1 PB of CSIRO data and software files are preserved together with their metadata for long-term discovery.

This poster will provide information about the nature of the data collections that are hosted on the Data Access Portal and the data access habits of our user community.


Katie Hannan started work at CSIRO as a Data Librarian during the week that the Data Access Portal passed the 1 petabyte storage milestone. She is passionate about storytelling, cultural history projects, linking people with information and helping to facilitate learning experiences. Katie has a background working in higher education, eResearch and projects. Her own research interests are in the areas of  human computer interaction, digital legacy and information society.


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