ReDBox 2 and the Data Life Cycle

Mr Gavin Kennedy1, Dr Peter Sefton2, Mr Andrew Brazzatti1

1Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, St Lucia, Australia,

2University of Technology Sydney, Ultimo, Australia


Research data management is key to good research and is required by policies, codes of practice and research funding agencies, but is often seen by researchers as a compliance matter, with little immediate benefit. Increasing the functionality of research data management tools helps drive uptake while delivering value to researchers and administrators alike.

In this presentation we will describe and demonstrate recent collaborative work between UTS and QCIF to improve the functionality of the ReDBox software to provide an active catalogue of integrated provisionable services to researchers.

We’ve added the concept of a workspace to the existing ReDBox Data Management Planning (RDMP) tool. Workspaces can be simple storage, such as a file share, a project on a version control system such as Gitlab or Github, an electronic lab notebook; any place research data is created or consumed.

Workspaces integrate with the Provisioner, allowing researchers to request, find and link workspaces from a growing variety of services. The Provisioner ‘injects’ metadata into each workspace so that it can be found and automatically archived at the appropriate time. This provides an immediate benefit to researchers (a new workspace) with clear follow-on benefits, including reduced work to manage depositing or archiving datasets.

With these features ReDBox supports the research data life cycle through enhanced data management services, allowing ReDBox to fulfil the role of a single metadata repository and data archive for multiple institutions to publish to, and can scale up to the level of a national research data archive.


Dr Peter Sefton

Peter Sefton is the Manager, eResearch Support at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Before that he was in a similar role at the university of Western Sydney (UWS). Previously he ran the Software Research and development Laboratory at the Australian Digital Futures Institute at the University of Southern Queensland. Following a PhD in computational linguistics in the mid-nineties he has gained extensive experience in the higher education sector in leading the development of IT and business systems to support both learning and research.

At UTS Peter is leading a team which is working with key stakeholders to implement university-wide eResearch infrastructure, including an institutional data repository, as well as collaborating widely with research communities at the institution on specific research challenges. His research interests include repositories, digital libraries, and the use of The Web in scholarly communication.

Gavin Kennedy

Gavin Kennedy is an IT research and solutions expert and  is  the head of  Outreach  and Engineering Services  at the  Queensland  Cyber  Infrastructure  Foundation  (QCIF).  Gavin  leads  QCIF’s  Data Innovation Services team, the  key  developer  of ReDBox, the popular research data management and publishing platform. Gavin is a passionate advocate for Open Source platforms to support open research and the FAIR data principles. Gavin has over 30 years IT experience in organisations as diverse as CSIRO, General Electric and British Telecom.


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