Software curation for reproducible research

Mr Matthias Liffers1, Ms Gerry Ryder2, Dr Mingfang Wu3, Dr Jens Klump4, Dr Andrew Treloar3, Mr Ian Thomas5

1Australian Research Data Commons, Bentley, Australia
2Australian Research Data Commons, Adelaide, Australia
3Australian Research Data Commons, Melbourne, Australia
4CSIRO , Kensington, Australia
5RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia


Software is fundamental to research and plays a key role in creating and facilitating access to trusted research outputs. Over the past decade, many research bodies started to recognise the importance of research data management and curation practices to support reproducible research. Now, new bodies such as the Research Software Alliance ( aim to bolster the recognition of software as a research asset as valuable as research publications and data. For this purpose, software curation is an important component:

“Software curation encompasses the active practices related to the creation, acquisition, appraisal and selection, description, transformation, preservation, storage, and dissemination/access/reuse of software over short- and long- periods of time.” (Chassanoff, Building a Model for Software Curation,

This workshop will focus on the curation of research software to enhance research reproducibility and software reuse. Technology demonstrations combined with workflow examples and interactive group activities will enable participants to explore and understand:

  • The importance of software curation alongside data curation to achieving gains in reproducible research
  • Software curation tools and techniques for reproducibility, publication, preservation and sustainability
  • Software reuse and citation

This workshop will be of interest to:

  • Researchers and research software engineers who write and maintain software for research
  • Researchers who use software in their research
  • eResearch infrastructure providers that offer software support to researchers
  • Repository managers


To be confirmed


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