Building an Enterprise Research Data Management ecosystem focusing on improving researcher productivity in digitally driven science.

Mr John Morrissey1, Ms Cynthia Love1

1CSIRO IMT, Canberra, Australia


For the last 10-12 years the Australian eResearch community has been working on how to manage the impending research data deluge. Australian research organisations have responded to this challenge in a variety of ways depending on available resourcing and internal cultures and ideology. In CSIRO we adopted the approach of beginning our investments by creating robust and secure enterprise data portal (The CSIRO Data Access Portal) and storage infrastructure. The cultural issues of organisational policy and governance were planned to follow after the tools to enable good practice were built.

In the last 1-2 years we have seen a real change in demand from both researchers and the CSIRO executive for not only well-defined governance structures but also better data management platforms that reach deeper into the research projects and facilities across CSIRO.

In this workshop will talk about and invite feedback on 6 major data management programs currently underway in CSIRO including:

  1. Managed Data Ecosystem Update
  2. Research Data Planner tool
  3. CSIRO Data Governance update
  4. ORCiD, IGSNs and other identifiers
  5. Collection Management system
  6. eLab Notebooks

We must make it easier for researchers to deal with the data deluge on a day to day basis, so they have more time to do core research. To do this we must develop a smarter more interconnected data management ecosystem that is less intrusive on researcher workflows over time.


To be confirmed


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