Recognition and Career Development for Researchers who Code: a Workshop for RSEs

Mr Rowland Mosbergen1

1University Of Melbourne, Carlton, Australia


Software is a critical component of modern research. However, the people creating research software are frequently unrecognised for their contribution towards research output.

This workshop is for building a community for academics who create and maintain research software, but are lacking recognition and metrics needed to progress their academic career. Also welcome are professional software engineers working in the research space, research support team members that work closely with researchers, system administrators who maintain research systems; academics who rely on such expertise; eResearch leaders and policy makers.

Because the main percentage of C3DIS delegates are researchers,  we have decided to do a Hacky Hour earlier in the week. The idea is to promote Hacky Hours generally, connect volunteer RSEs or research support people who want to help, and to get some cross domain problems written down.

We then want to feed those cross domain problems into this workshop to identify some solutions that we could convert into proposals to send to funders like the ARDC, NCI, Pawsey, and BPA. This is a great opportunity as these funders have just been provided funding and are already thinking of how they might allocate these funds.

We also hope to highlight the impact and effectiveness of RSEs, we hope to collate personas, profiles, and stories on their impact. Personas and profiles are crucial to help RSEs self-identify and interested in becoming part of this budding community. The impact stories will help demonstrate the considerable value that they bring to organisations.

The secondary goal for the workshop will be to collect these stories, and publish them on a dedicated website planned for October 2019, to be unveiled during eResearch Australasia. During the workshop, we will also work on create engagement strategies to build awareness of the community.


Rowland has 17 years experience in IT while working in research, corporate financial software and small business. He graduated QUT in 1997 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Avionics, then worked for GBST, a software company servicing the financial industry, where he worked with National Australia Bank and Merrill Lynch in their Margin Lending products for over 4 years. Rowland owned and ran a computer support business for over 5 years, then worked as a web developer for 2 years before joining the Wells laboratory as part of the Stemformatics team in 2010.


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