Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks – for Research Support Specialists

Ms Ingrid Mason1, Dr Frankie Stevens1

1AARNET, Sydney, Australia



This workshop is targeted at data librarians, research support, and eResearch professionals interested in: what the Jupyter notebook does; how the notebook works; and how the notebook can be used to train researchers in basic programming skills; and some key research data management and research collaboration considerations (e.g. higher education, government and industry partnerships).  Workshop participants will want to know where the Jupyter notebook fits into different researchers’ toolkits (along with Excel, SPSS, Stata, RebExr, RStudio, or MatLab).  The workshop is targeted* towards researchers using AARNet’s CloudStor service (with Jupyter notebooks integrated).


The Introduction to Jupyter Notebook workshop is ~3 hours (including breaks) and will cover:

  • What a Jupyter notebook is and how it functions. 30 minutes
  • Where a Jupyter notebook fits in different researcher toolkits and workflows. 45 minutes
  • When/why to use a Jupyter notebook on a desktop and in the cloud. 30 minutes
  • Basic Python programming using a Jupyter notebook. 30 minutes
  • Wrap up. 10 minutes


  • Workshop preparation: Come with a laptop.
  • Workshop breakdown: Workshop is half-day, includes a hands-on component.
  • Workshop requirements: Wifi for ~40 attendees, no special seating.

Workshop content is relevant to all means of accessing and using Jupyter notebooks.


Ingrid Mason (Deployment Strategist), Dr Frankie Stevens (Research Engagement Strategist) for AARNet, are eResearch specialists with extensive experience in researcher engagement, training, and have expertise in research data and technologies across HASS and STEM research areas.


AeRO is the industry association focused on eResearch in Australasia. We play a critical coordination role for our members, who are actively transforming research via Information Technology. Organisations join AeRO to advance their own capabilities and services, to collaborate and to network with peers. AeRO believes researchers and the sector significantly benefit from greater communication, coordination and sharing among the increasingly different and evolving service providers.

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