Making Earth and environmental science data accessible via machine-to-machine services: where are they at and where are they going.

Dr. Adrian Burton2, Mr James Gallagher1, Mr. Joseph Abhayaratna6, Dr. Ben Evans3, Dr. Lesley Wyborn3, Dr. Justin Freeman5, Mr. Aaron Sedgman7, Dr. Gareth  Williams4, Dr. Kelsey Druken3, Ms Melanie  Barlow2, Dr. Mingfang Wu2

2Australian Research Data Commons, Australia
3Australia National Computational Infrustructure, Canberra, Australia
4CSIRO, Australia
5Bureau of Metrorology, Melbourne, Australia
6PSMA , Canberra, Australia
7Geoscience Australia, Canberra, Australia


Machine-to-machine data services have become an integral part of the research, government and industry sectors. They provide automated functions for the creation, access, processing and analysis of data. The development of data-focused services is steadily increasing in Australia, across the NCRIS capabilities, CSIRO, and government agencies all of whom are moving to more formal data publishing through services, and making their data findable, accessible and interoperable to increase reusability for wider communities.

This one-day workshop will cover:

  • Current usages of a suite of web data services technologies including DAP (i.e., THREDDS, OPeNDAP, Hyrax, ERDDAP or PYDAP), CHORDS, ThingSpeak, etc;
  • Protocols and standards for service discovery and use (e.g., OGC standards, FDSN Web Service Specifications, OpenAPI) and
  • Metadata that describes them (e.g., ISO19115, ISO19119); and Horizon scans (e.g., the redesign of OGC web service standards to be more resources oriented and use OpenAPI/Swagger toolsets).

The aim is to then ask how to more efficiently use data services to meet both the challenges of today and those of the future.

This workshop will be of interest to:

  • Data service providers for exchanging latest practices and technologies of providing data services;
  • Data service consumers for raising data usage requirements and exploring how to make best use of data services; and
  • Technology and standard communities for communicating and getting feedback from both providers and communities.

Note: The above discussed technologies or standards also apply to data beyond the earth and environment domain, other communities are more than welcome.


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