Geoscience data storage and management for advanced data analytics

Mrs Chitra Viswanathan1, Dr  Irina  Emelyanova1, Dr Ben Clennell1, Ms Stacey Maslin1

1Csiro, Kensington, Australia


Due to recent advancements in sensor and computer technologies, the volume of geoscience data is constantly increasing. Development of a unified data repository that is readily accessible for performing data analytics is one of the research objectives of the Geoscience Data Analytics team within the CSIRO Energy business unit. A prototype of a well log database (WLD) was developed to demonstrate the concept of a repository for sanitized well log data downloaded from open source databases. Furthermore, a software package is being developed to implement the well log data analytics workflows developed by the team.

WLD was built using the PAWSEY supercomputing facility for storing the raw data.  PostgreSQL was used to store the sanitized well log data from Bonaparte, Carnarvon and Browse basins, metadata and links to raw data. A web-based graphical user interface was developed to view, upload and download data.

One of well log data analytics workflows, the unsupervised ensemble learning of electrofacies, was implemented using PYTHON and a tool developed to choose the data from WLD, run the unsupervised ensemble learning clustering algorithm, view the results and combine different clustering methods’ outputs into a single solution (ensemble clustering).

Development of WLD using the latest data management technologies has addressed the data integrity issues. Development of the software package will replace the different software platforms that were being used to perform data analytics. Next step of the project will see this platform being used for supervised and semi-supervised approaches for predicting rock properties.


Mrs Chitra Viswanathan is an experienced software developer working in the Energy business unit. She specialises in geological / geomechanical software applications. Her primary programming languages are VB.Net and ASP.Net. She has also worked in C, C++ in the past. She is also proficient in PYTHON.

The first suite of software that Mrs Viswanathan developed while working for CSIRO was Drillers’ Wellbore Stability Tool (DWST) that was used in numerous externally funded projects. Her latest software applications include 3 major pieces of software Mechanical Earth Model (MEM), Sand Onset Prediction (SOP) and Volumetric Sand Production Prediction (VSPP) that were developed for a commercial sand management project with PETRONAS.

Mrs Viswanathan is currently in the Data Analytics team in the Exploration Geo-science group and is the principal developer of novel Geo-science data storage and sharing tools and data analytics workflows.


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