The open geospatial community in Oceania

Dr Adam Steer1

1Spatialised, Weston, Australia


The Open Geospatial Foundation (OSgeo) and the Open Streetmap Foundation (OSMF) have been mainstays in support of; and advocacy for; open geospatial software and data for many years.

OSGeo supports foundational geospatial tooling used across the eResearch community – from invisible infrastructure (GDAL; Proj4; pyWPS; Zoo-WPS ) to prominent user-focussed, user facing applications (QGIS, geonode, geoserver, geonetwork, leafletJS; openlayers) – to name just a few.

In 2009, an international conference of the OSGeo foundation was held in Sydney; and after a long hiatus, the community was revived in 2018. The result was a sold-out joint conference of the OSGeo and OSMF communities for the Oceania region in Melbourne. This was both an incredible show of community support, and an incredible showcase of open source innovation in the region.

…and the momentum continues. By the time C3DIS happens, there will be a fully-fledged local OSGeo Oceania organisation, aimed at supporting a regional community of open source geo-developers, geo-users, and geo-enablers – and 2019 conference organisation will be in full swing.

This talk will be about charting the journey of OSGeo Oceania so far, and how the eResearch community in Australia and Oceania can engage with, support, and benefit from this local and global community.

Come and join the party!


Dr Adam Steer operates an independent consultancy using open source tools to solve wicked geospatial problems. He has previously worked in the defence startup space, at infrastructure-scale computing facilities developing new data services, and on Antarctic sea ice, merging traditional observation techniques with cutting edge geospatial technology. He’s a charter member of the Open Geospatial Foundation, sits on the board of OSGeo Oceania and is an Earth Observation Australia steering committee member. He has a cat, likes to play music and ride bikes and climb rocks, and makes more mistakes than the average human most days.


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