CSIRO’s Research Data Planner Pre-Release Taste Test

Mr Dominic Hogan1, Ms Katie Hannan2, Ms Sue Cook3

1CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia, 2CSIRO, Adelaide, Australia, 3CSIRO, Perth, Australia


Formal research data management plans are a requirement coming to a funding, grant, or project proposal near you!  Journals are increasingly requiring the release of data and software with publications.  Forewarned is forearmed, don’t get caught in a tangle of issues with licensing, intellectual property, ethics and legalities (just to name a few).

You’re on board, right?  You want this to all run smoothly and avoid any unpleasant surprises, but where do you start?  CSIRO has been working on a software tool to help with just that.  The Research Data Planner will guide you through what you need to address, what you don’t have to worry about, and help you to produce a mouth-watering planning document you can provide with your funding application.

We’re releasing this in two months, and we need your help.  Come and try the tool, tell us if we’ve got the flavour right, tell us what you love, tell us what you hate, don your white hat and tell us what ingredients we are missing!  While mostly of interest to CSIRO researchers who wind up using the software, we’d love to hear from anyone interested.  Come break our hearts (we’ll bring the ice-cream) and then tell us everything will be okay.


Dominic Hogan is a Business Analyst at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.  He worked as a data librarian supporting research across CSIRO, being heavily involved in development work for CSIRO’s Data Access Portal (DAP).  He has supported work in various research domains, including terrestrial ecology, marine research, computer visualisation and materials science.  Recently he has worked on implementing a recommender system for research datasets in CSIRO’s DAP, and the DAP’s new user interface.  Currently he works on CSIRO’s Research Data Planner.

Katie Hannan is a Data Librarian at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. She is passionate about storytelling, cultural history projects, linking people with information and helping to facilitate learning experiences. Katie has a background working in higher education, eResearch and projects. Her own research interests are in the areas of human computer interaction, digital legacy and information society. She is currently working on CSIRO’s Research Data Planner.


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