Visualisation Matters 2019

A/Prof. Tomasz Bednarz1,2

1Director of Visualisation, Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre (EPICentre) UNSW Art & Design
2Team Leader at CSIRO Data61 


Visualisation Matters is a curated event that was funded in 2016 by Tomasz Bednarz and June Kim to promote Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Down Under.

Since then, it has been used not only to promote SIGGRPAH Asia ( but also to inspire the local community on how creativity can be enhanced by collaboration, collision of cultures, art and science, etc.

This year, we are co-locating Viz Matters with C3DIS. This collaboration has been enabled by Tomasz Bednarz and Sam Moskwa, bringing to you not only inspirational speakers but also SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Travelling Computer Animation Festival. CAF is a very unique event, that runs during SIGGRAPH, and the festival allows winning animation to be automatically nominated for the Oscars. The animations package can be only experienced at SIGGRAPH conferences, but this year Canberra is the very first city in Australia that will experience the travelling version of the show.

This event is free to attend. To register visit: Registration automatically includes a ticket to attend SIGGRAPH Asia CAF!

Be sure to check the Visualisation Matters website and this page regularly for the latest information.

Invite your family and friends, and share the joy with us.

Tomasz and Sam


Note this event is not catered. Attendees will need to make their own arrangements for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The following link provides helpful information on nearby cafes and food outlets:




Tomasz Bednarz is Associate Professor and Director of Visualisation at the Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre (EPICentre) UNSW Art & Design and Team Leader at CSIRO Data61 (a leading Visual Analytics Team, in Software & Computational Systems program).

His current role at the UNSW Art & Design reflects his conviction to a holistic approach to the wicked problems facing the collation, analytics and display of big data. His approach is expansive and encompasses the use of novel technologies (AR, VR, CAVE, Dome, AVIE), often in combination. Over the last couple of years, he has been involved in wide range of projects in the area of immersive visualisation, human-computer interaction, computational imaging, visualisation, and simulations, computer graphics, and games.

He also holds Adjunct positions at:

  • Queensland University of Technology (Science and Engineering Faculty, School of Mathematical Sciences),
  • University of Sydney (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning – Design Lab),
  • University of South Australia (School of IT and Math Sciences).

He is Chair of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2019. SIGGRAPH conferences are the world’s largest, most influential annual meetings and exhibitions in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The conference will be held for the very first time in Australia (Brisbane).


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