Galaxy Australia: technologies for federated omic-based analyses and training using distributed compute and data infrastructure

Andrew Lonie1

1Australian BioCommons, University of Melbourne


Galaxy is a mature, widely adopted workflow platform for bioinformatics. Although a user can deploy and manage their own Galaxy instance, it is complex, and research infrastructure providers worldwide are moving to provide Galaxy as a managed service to their communities. As part of the NCRIS supported Genomics Virtual Lab program, we have established a national Galaxy service ‘Galaxy Australia’, which employs a number of sophisticated technical approaches to federate nationally and internationally distributed compute and data resources into a seamless user experience. Galaxy Australia is one of three ‘global nodes’ all aspiring to a single look and feel (,, Further, consolidation across the tools and reference datasets has allowed the hosts of the the (duplicate) three services to form a single critical mass community, who now manage and sustain the underlying tool and data resources as a strong / cohesive community group. The consistent behaviour of the three global services also promotes development and delivery of common training materials and workflows, and provides an attractive platform for tool developers to deploy on.

In this talk we will explore the technical architecture of Galaxy Australia, and discuss how we as a national service relate to the equivalent US and EU-based Galaxy services at the technical and community levels. We will address the evolution of Galaxy into a global infrastructure defined by common tool and data registries and speculate on how Galaxy is likely to develop into the future.


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