CloudStor Service – Re-engineering CloudStor for Infinite Scalability

Gavin Kennedy1

1AARNet,Milton, Australia


Since its launch as a simple file sharing service nearly 10 years ago, AARNet’s CloudStor has become a significant resource for the Australian research community to store and share research data. Its ubiquity and flexibility, and a 1 TB complementary allocation, has pushed individual user accounts up to 70,000 this year and driven demand for additional functionality. Universities and research institutions are increasing their uptake of CloudStor’s collaborative group drive feature, with 3 PB allocated, and several universities signing on for enterprise storage allocations, making CloudStor a foundation of their research data storage strategy.

Meeting this rapid increase in utilisation and ensuring a high quality service has required the AARNet Cloud Services team to redesign CloudStor to ensure it remains reliable, responsive and scalable into the future. One of the key strategies is to shard the application stack, creating instances of CloudStor that can run independently but interoperate in a shared namespace. This presentation will discuss the architectural approach taken by AARNet to achieve this, highlighting the performance and scalability improvements. It will then discuss AARNet’s roadmap for CloudStor and the benefits and opportunities this approach delivers, including dedicated S3 storage targets, sensitive data stores and tailored institutional instances.


Gavin Kennedy is AARNet’s Cloud Services Product Manager. Gavin comes from a background of research data management and is a passionate advocate for open source platforms to support open research and the FAIR data principles. Gavin has over 30 years’ experience as an ICT professional including 18 years in research, eResearch & research support. His roles have included operations manager, software engineer, bioinformatics researcher, project manager, outreach manager, team leader and innovation lead.


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