Confessions of a Data Wrangler

Dr Carina Kemp1

1AARNet, Chatswood, Australia

The last 20 years have seen an explosion in technologies to enable data to be FAIR. Semantic Web and Web Services emerged as potential technologies in the early 2000s but how long has it taken for them to be accepted and used by Scientists on a daily basis. In the search for FAIR Data we need to understand the technical journey that a Scientific Domain has travelled with respect to it’s data. How does a domain’s technical history effect its ability to be agile and adapt to new emerging technologies.

Dr Carina Kemp has a PhD in Geophysics and worked as a Research Geophysicist and Consulting Geophysicist for the first 10 years of her career but for the last 10 years, Carina has worked in collaborating on the development of technologies to make Geophysical Data and Tools more useable for the wider community. This has led Carina to a career as a technologist.

This talk will follow the journey of Geophysical data from the perspective of a user attempting to make it more useful for herself and her colleagues.  How can this journey be used to understand the challenges in developing and adopting tools to enable FAIR data in other Scientific Domains?




Dr Kemp is the Director of eResearch for AARNet responsible for making the Network work the best it can for Research in Australia. This includes working with the Australian and International research community to find and implement tools that sit above the network to make technology and data research ready.

Previous to joining AARNet, Dr Kemp was the Chief Information Officer at Geoscience Australia, with responsibility for providing strategic leadership for setting enterprise ICT directions to enable science across the organization including the development of virtual laboratories, high performance computing applications and innovative data architecture to enable FAIR data.

Dr Kemp’s 20-year career has focused on the application of innovative technologies. Dr Kemp has worked in research, as a consultant and as a company geophysicist. Her enduring interests include Open Data, data analytics, machine learning, high performance computing, communication of science, bridging the gap between research and ICT, mentoring and promoting diversity in STEM fields.

Dr Kemp holds a number of qualifications including a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sydney  and a Bachelor of Science (Geology and Geophysics) from the University of New South Wales. Dr Kemp has a technical background in geology, physics, mathematics and computer engineering.

In her limited spare time, Dr Kemp keeps busy raising three beautiful children.

 Work Mobile: +61 427 596 962



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