DevOps workshop

Mr Sven Dowideit1

1Csiro, Brisbane, Australia


The  DevOps  workshop  is  a  bi-annual  opportunity  to discuss  modern  cloud-native  approaches  to  designing  and implementing systems – and how to apply them to eResearch science delivery.

We all have different areas of expertise, and so have lots we can help each other with.  In the past we’ve had interesting discussions ranging from technology specific issues, all the way to hearing about different management concerns to the organizational changes needed to do Cloud based implementations.

This workshop is generally done as a participant un-conference with speakers doing short presentations on selected examples of DevOps practice to trigger a discussion between participants – what issues they have, how they might apply them, or how they’ve had issues or solved issues.

Topics that we’re likely to cover this time:

* Host and cluster configuration management – such as Terraform

* Continuous integration and deployment – GitLab, Jenkins,

* Workflow, Pipelines and HPC

* More Orchestration – Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

* Monitoring, Logging and Observability – Prometheus, Loki, Jaeger

* Hybrid cloud, on premis?



Sven Dowideit has a wealth of experience in Software development processes and applying large scale DevOps tools to the small scale.


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