Managing Data from Ingestion to an Institutional Repository with iRODS

Mr. Dave Fellinger1

1iRODS Consortium, Chapel Hill, United States


At the turn of the last century High Performance Computing (HPC) was largely focused on both visualization and simulation. In the last few years this computing paradigm has changed a great deal because of the wide proliferation of sensor data that has become available. All of the required analytic processes require the tracking and management of data every step of the way while retaining traceability and provenance. The Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is open source middleware that has been designed to greatly simplify and automate these tasks while guaranteeing adherence to data management policies. A primary feature of iRODS is file system virtualization. Data can be placed and discovered utilizing any file system allowing system administrators the capability of writing rules that directs the placement of data to the most cost-efficient storage. Data can be migrated in real time as storage technologies evolve allowing “future proofing” of entire data infrastructures. Another feature of iRODS is the ability to generate a defining metadata index throughout the lifecycle of the data which can be user defined or extracted from the data or sensor. This index can be used to route data to various analysis means. Finally, iRODS can control the entire data analysis process including the distribution of relevant data products to federated sites as well while guaranteeing reproducibility through audited policy enforcement. Manually managing huge quantities of data can be a challenging task that can be completely automated through the use of iRODS technology.


Dave Fellinger is a Data Management Technologist and Storage Scientist with the iRODS Consortium. He has over three decades of engineering experience including film systems, video processing devices, ASIC design and development, GaAs semiconductor manufacture, RAID and storage systems, and file systems. As Chief Scientist of DataDirect Networks, Inc. he focused on building an intellectual property portfolio and presenting the technology of the company at conferences with a storage focus worldwide.

In his role at the iRODS Consortium, Dave is working with users in research sites and high performance computer centers to confirm that a broad range of use cases can be fully addressed by the iRODS feature set. He helped to launch the iRODS Consortium and was a member of the founding board.

He attended Carnegie-Mellon University and holds patents in diverse areas of technology.


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