Infrastructure as the ingredient of interdisciplinary team success

Dr Alex Codoreanu1

1Swinburne University, Astronomy Data and Computing Services


Contemporary analytics, insights and data science teams are composed of and work within multidisciplinary environments. Their success and longevity depends on how well they integrate within existing structures, how quickly they can add value and on how they can build up on past success stories to deliver new ones. As more and more academic and government entities begin to deal with Big Data challenges, understanding how to integrate and grow a data science team becomes a crucial component of delivery.

In this talk, I will discuss my experience working with multidisciplinary teams within academia, local state government and international corporate collaborations. I will highlight the necessary digital and human infrastructure ingredients for these transitions and will describe, through my real-world experiences, how a combination of flexible data/computing architecture paired with a horizontal reporting structure can lead to interdisciplinary success outcomes.


Dr. Codoreanu is a research scientist with experience in designing and implementing distributed architecture solutions. He has experience in creating custom databases, cleaning large datasets and developing custom software products. He is interested in natural language processing techniques, language semantic analysis, graph databases, GPU acceleration and machine learning algorithms.


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