The AuScope Data Portal: supporting adaptable, next generation data-intensive convergent research

Mr Ryan Fraser1, Dr Tim Rawling2, Jens Klump1, Mr Stuart Woodman3, Dr Carsten Friedrich4, Mr Peter Warren1, Mr Vincent Fazio3, Dr Lesley Wyborn5

1CSIRO, Perth, Australia, 2AuScope Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, 3CSIRO, Clayton, Melbourne, 4Data 61, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia, 5National Computational Infrastucture, ANU, Canberra, Australia


In response to the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, AuScope is developing the Downward Looking Telescope (DLT), a distributed observational, characterisation and computational infrastructure providing a capability to image and understand the composition of the Australian Plate with unprecedented fidelity. The AuScope Virtual Research Environments (AVRE) is a data assimilation and geoscientific discovery and analytics platform designed to support the DLT. It is a highly flexible online environment where researchers can find and access data and tools as online services, and then using notebooks, execute their workflows on a variety of software platforms ranging from personal tablets, through to private/public clouds and high-performance supercomputers.

The AuScope Data portal is the cornerstone for data access in AVRE. It is designed to provide easy access to data that is of value to the research community, which can be accessed via online standards compliant catalogues from any sector (research, government, industry, public). The researcher selects the data of their choice: it can be minimally processed data or highly evolved data products. The portal does not house any data, nor is data manually added: as new datasets are published in the connected catalogues they automatically appear in the portal, resulting in lower maintenance costs. The portal also uses of Jupyter Notebooks instead of embedded processing tools, giving researchers greater flexibility to access the tools that are pertinent to their project. Using catalogues additionally allows searching across equivalent discipline-focussed catalogues in the Marine, Biodiversity, Climate and other relevant domains to enable interdisciplinary data processing workflows.


Ryan Fraser, Senior Principle Research Manager and Group Leader at CSIRO and Leader of the AuScope Virtual Research Environment Program. He is a Portfolio Manager, with over 15 years of experience working in R&D, commercialisation of products and delivery to both government and industry and in seeing technology innovations adopted and integrated within various business environments. He has specialist knowledge in decision science, data analytics, spatial information infrastructures, Cloud Computing, Data Management, and Interoperability.  He led the development of many collaborative eResearch projects with ARDC including the AuScope Virtual Geophysics Laboratory and the AuScope Scientific Software Solutions Centre.


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