Visualising Data with R Shiny

Dr Louise Ord1

1CSIRO, South Eveleigh, Australia

Shiny makes it easy to build interactive, web-deployed applications using R. Dr Louise Ord will be running a hands-on R Shiny workshop to take you through all you need to begin developing your own Shiny dashboards and visualisations. In this workshop, you will be given example code that can be used as a template for your own application development. You will be taught the key aspects of reactive programming, how to create interactivity with built-in control widgets and external R and JavaScript tools, and methods for fully customising the design and appearance of your Shiny dashboards and visualisations.

Prerequisites: Basic programming skills. A basic understanding of R would be useful but is not necessary.


Louise Ord enjoys bringing data to life through analysis, exploration and visualisation. Gaining her doctorate at the University of Oxford, she spent six years as a cosmologist, analysing cosmic microwave background anisotropies. She then moved into the field of data analytics and predictive modelling where she developed a passion for data visualisation. Now at CSIRO, Louise designs and creates analytics and visualisation tools to bring data insights to scientists.


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