Capability extensions and improvements in Workspace 6.0

Mr Rajesh Subramanian1

1CSIRO, Clayton, Australia


Workspace is a publicly available scientific workflow and application development platform developed and owned by CSIRO. Workspace provides a number of features designed to help build commercial software that are not typically provided by scientific workflow systems. Workspace is designed to address two specific usage scenarios:

  1. Users who want to create and share scientific workflows in one coherent, easy to use environment where much of the “heavy lifting” has already been developed and proven over a number of years.
  2. To aid researchers in the swift deployment and, if applicable, commercialisation of research software IP

This presentation will look at some of the improvements made to Workspace in release 6.0, as well as some of the ongoing project work necessitating these improvements.


I work in the Data61 business unit as a software engineer. I am currently building components for the Workspace.


I was previously working at Intel as a technical lead, and was involved in the development and maintenance of various components for the McAfee Digital Security Suite.


I have extensive experience developing software for Microsoft Windows.


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