Australian Touring Theatre Visualization with Circuit

Ms Usha Nattala1

1Melbourne Data Analytics Platform, University Of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia


Usha works at the Melbourne Data Analytics Platform (MDAP), University of Melbourne. Conceptualized under the Petascale Campus Initiative (PCI), MDAP is the university’s premium data and computational science team helping researchers across the community in the fields of high performance computing, big data, machine learning, natural language processing and text mining, analysis and visualisation, virtual and augmented reality, image and video processing, scientific simulation and modelling, and web application development.

Conceived in response to partner requests to visualize and analyse theatre touring, Circuit is an innovative and visually engaging tool representing mainstream and education shows, workshops and residencies presented by theatre companies in Australia.

Circuit is a visualization tool built for a space that traditionally does not use data or computational science methodologies to drive its decision-making process. It can be used by theatre companies, schools to drive their arts education initiatives, local governmental agencies for funding purposes and performing arts researchers.

Circuit shows which companies tour or are based in the regional areas, and answers questions such as: How often theatre companies tour? In which regions do people have more theatre, or less? How do areas compare in terms of wealth, ethnic diversity, population or age demographics? How well-connected or accessible are theatre venues, schools and community centres to their audiences?

When data science met a very visually-demanding field, the result was the aesthetically pleasing yet data-rich visualization.

(Circuit is currently under construction and in alpha release)


Usha is a research data specialist and software developer with over a decade of experience across multiple technology stacks. Specializing in application development, data science, machine learning and math-intensive programming, she quite enjoys the process of bringing to life the ideas of the best and brightest minds of our generation.



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