A holistic approach to uptake and outreach

Ms Aditi Subramanya1

1Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, Perth, Australia


The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is an unincorporated joint venture between the CSIRO and four public universities in Western Australia. It is funded by these partners, the Western Australian State Government and the Australian Federal Government, under NCRIS and related programs through the Department of Education.

As such, it is important to make sure that Pawsey positively and appropriately engages with its stakeholders and the research community it supports.

The Centre have formed a Pawsey Uptake Group who oversee its outreach, training, uptake and communication initiatives and its engagement with academia, government and stakeholders in a holistic way.

The Centre’s uptake pipeline is targeted and fed from multiple sources, or its funnel. Pawsey leverages its reach from events, outreach and uptake strategies to build communities of primary users, including university and institutional researchers.

These include training, informative events, internships, digital engagement (engaging videos, podcasts and social media), researcher outreach (conferences, user forums and research events such as ResBaz, eResearch and domain-specific events).

The Centre also identifies value in potential and future users through engagement with students, informed citizens, interns and STEM activities.

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the practices Pawsey undertakes, its metrics journey in identifying successes and areas for improvement, and its engagement with academia and the government.

The workshop’s goal is to work with the C3DIS audience to discuss and compare engagement strategies, such as best practices, barriers and challenges, wins, etc.


Aditi is a creative with more than 10 years’ experience in her profession.

Aditi specialises in marketing, communications, engagement and outreach with a particular passion for digital engagement.

Aditi has implemented a range of strategic marketing and communication initiatives including event management, copywriting, digital marketing and video production at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

She has been instrumental in providing global visibility in order to showcase Pawsey’s capabilities and services via key exhibitions at conferences worldwide, and plays a pivotal role in increasing market presence and overall brand awareness.

Aditi works within the Pawsey Uptake Group to drive outreach and uptake with the Centre’s communities including researchers, government and institutional bodies.


AeRO is the industry association focused on eResearch in Australasia. We play a critical coordination role for our members, who are actively transforming research via Information Technology. Organisations join AeRO to advance their own capabilities and services, to collaborate and to network with peers. AeRO believes researchers and the sector significantly benefit from greater communication, coordination and sharing among the increasingly different and evolving service providers.