The Power of the Prototype

Annie Burgress1

1Earth Science Information Partners



Imagine your fright if during the course of a mature research project you needed to learn a new programming language, learn what a workflow management system is and implement one, and do all of this in a thing called “the cloud”. While daunting, it is often the messaging researchers hear, and for good reason. Open, reproducible, and scalable computing is the most-efficient means to a better scientific understanding of our planet. But the all-at-once shift in researchers’ computing methodology often falls flat. However, this talk will provide an alternative. Through small projects, prototyping, and community input, researchers can experiment in a low-stakes environment, while gaining the skills that will enable them to participate in the growing open, scalable Earth science computing revolution.


Dr. Annie Burgess’ career has bridged Earth Science and informatics. During her graduate work at the University of Utah, Annie managed, analyzed, and distributed an immense amount of data related to her research in snow hydrology. The primary data product created during her Ph.D. work is currently distributed through NASA/JPL.

As a post-doc at the University of Southern California, she developed software for the unique needs of the Polar science community. Annie knows the power of connecting Earth scientists with technical and collaborative infrastructure.

At ESIP, she utilizes her technical savvy and networking skills to run their innovation program, also known as the ESIP Lab.


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