A national service for the life sciences – Galaxy Australia

Dr Gareth Price1, Mr Simon Gladman2, Dr Nigel Ward3, Dr Steven Manos3, Dr Rhys Francis3, Associate Professor Andrew Lonie3

1QCIF Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics, St Lucia, Australia, 2Melbourne Bioinformatics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia, 3Australian BioCommons, Parkville, Australia


The Galaxy Project through proven value has evolved to become a globally utilised, dynamic and efficient platform servicing an ever increasing breadth of life science analytics. Today, Galaxy supports over 8,000 analytical tools in 46 distinct domains, deployed across multiple national cloud and HPC environments. Galaxy now allows users to execute increasingly complex analyses, including workflow reporting and interactive tools, such as RStudio and Jupyter Notebooks.

Galaxy Australia (https://usegalaxy.org.au) offers all of these features to all Australian researchers. Since 2019, significant new investment by the Australian BioCommons, AARNet, ARDC, NCI, Pawsey,  the University of Melbourne, QCIF and the Queensland Government has driven Galaxy to a new level. This includes large compute resources at NCI and Pawsey, and dedicated high-memory 2-4Tb nodes. The expansion of resources also supports a Training as an Infrastructure Service (TIAAS) that dedicates capacity to any Australian researcher wanting to conduct workshops on Galaxy Australia on demand.

Investment in Galaxy Australia has powered up to deliver 2 million jobs since 2019. Its 13,000+ users (10,100 since 2019) have instant access to best practice pipelines and tools in genomics (short and long read technologies, single cell, Hi-C, de novo genome assemblies – including plants), proteomics and metabolomics. Through the Australian BioCommons additional research communities are being onboard to Galaxy, complete with toolsets and workflows.

Big investments in functionality and delivery drives Galaxy Australia to a new level.


Dr Gareth Price is Head of Computational Biology at QCIF Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics. In this role Gareth manages the diverse spectrum of researcher lead questions, provides training in genomic data analysis, as well as leading Galaxy Australia (https://usegalaxy.org.au) as Service Manager.


Jul 06 2021


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