CyberSim – Immersive Cyber Security Training

Dr Mohan Baruwal Chhetri1, Dr Marthie Grobler, Dr Tomasz Bednarz, Dr Kristen Moore

1CSIRO’s Data61


In this talk, we will present CyberSIM, an immersive cyber security training program designed to replace or supplement the traditional text-based training modules that are used (a) when on-boarding new staff, or (b) to update or refresh the cyber security awareness of existing staff. Research shows that learning from text-based information is the least effective method for knowledge retention. In contrast, learning from real or simulated experiences results in greater retention of knowledge. The learning experience in Cybersim is designed as an escape game, in which the player is presented with several different attack vectors while performing routine work-related tasks and required to make informed decisions to respond to the situation. In its current form, Cybersim simulates a regular day at work for a desk-based researcher. However, it can be easily extended to cover other work environments.


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Jul 06 2021


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm