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The Organising Committee worked working hard to deliver C3DIS VIRTUAL following the regretful cancellation of the face-to-face C3DIS conference due to CoVid-19 concerns.

C3DIS Virtual PROGRAM was delivered online from 6-17 April.

For those unable to attend on the day, we are delighted to make the following session recordings available:

NOTE: Additional recordings for the second week of the program will be added shortly!

Date Link to recording
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2nd Presentation
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3rd Presentation
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06-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/-epUF7zc-EpLUInpzGLGdvQlM97heaa82nUY-fcNyU3ZdUj0ouuX1W8z8hJ4klck 08:56 David Abramson


Scalable Distributed Infrastructure for Data Intensive Science

David Abramson

07-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/-8hYEY707mZIAdb21kHHRIJ8Aqm4X6a80yUd_qUMnhw0POwe2mcR1Y7eMPI-D1WZ

Managing Data from Ingestion to an Institutional Repository with iRODS

David Fellinger irods


Using Web Architectures for Gigascale Metadata Syndication

Jens Klump

08-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/pu5bI7rN6mxIfYXy52DcCrQxOqC_T6a80CUW8qcOnUhdyn67VDZo8vBXPL4Q48LQ

Competitive Solid Earth Science Data-Intensive Computational Research in 2030: What Will it Look Like?

Lesley Wyborn


The Australian Academy of Science Project on “Big Data in Australian research: Issues, challenges and opportunities”.

Michael Barbour


Phase Transitions Induced by Adversarial Examples in Simple Statistical Models

Thomas Keevers


15-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/38hRfpPM2GZIWNL8zFvyev4CN93pX6a81CEY-6cKzU7gpUql-nukC0MaJXCHqkPf T1@L.$*V


‘Time to Science’ and the Role of Research Computing

Christine Kirkpatrick


‘Supporting researchers on Australia’s greenest supercomputer’

Stuart Midgley DUG


Python-based visual exploration of enriched motifs from panning experiments

Yi Jin Liew

16-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/5cxqMZ2g2lpLbIX_zHzORY4PNIfEX6a803cW__YKyEq6kHQcN_e47WH59sYw1wRl Q9?1r*I6

Using Machine Learning to Estimate Yields for Cotton Crops.

Lauren Stevens


Optimized Experimental Design for Translation Initiation using Machine Learning

Mengyang Zheng


Stellargraph: visualising machine learning on graphs

Xavier Ho

17-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/v_BHN7btpn5OY4XksnyYYJE7JLXmaaa8hndKqfoPzRxkj4S9MFqLktfBfZTTvAqd g6*P5?i*

Mark Stickells

Preparing for a data intensive HPC future


High Performance Computing at DST: A Progress Report

John Taylor


HPC simulations of the early Universe

Simon Mutch

20-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/3e5vc7rQ_11OSZGTsxvQYPM_BK_6X6a81HJN_acKzE15rIGhdE1uzxBzrX1QJhh9 1Y%p!591

KEYNOTE (Not recorded)

Studying supermassive black holes with the next-generation radio surveys Ivy Wong

From research to industrial software: bridging the gap

Paulus Lahur


Reproducible Analyses of Coastal Extremes: A Pythonic Approach to Reproducible Environments, Packaged Code, and Dynamic Documents Blake Seers

21-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/7Mt2BqD7y2lJaJXu8xr9cLcMOa_FX6a8gCQdrvRfzEnfuQFnPZGrluwLDfS6QWAj 5N.^#9nk

Melbourne Data Analytics Platform

Edoardo Tescari


xGIS: connecting GIS applications with development environments

Alessio Arena

23-Apr-2020 https://aarnet.zoom.us/rec/share/u-tQd47byHhOfo3I92aAV_MfANXhX6a81icb-6cIn0d1FMB44mg46IOrpUzB-ypu 4S#1=D?X

Developing Capability in Bioimaging Research Software Engineering with National Programs and Partnerships

Paula Andrea Martinez


Collaboration in computation at Curtin University: Investigating human activity recognition and joint kinematics in ballet

Kathryn Napier

Once again, thank-you for your on-going support – we look forward to your participation at C3DIS next year!

Kind regards,

C3DIS Organising Committee

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